Our clients range from retailers to event marketers to e-commerce websites and everything in between. We are proud to have helped a broad range of companies and leading brands with their email marketing, website development and direct marketing needs. Here are just a few examples:

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
Email and direct mail programs to acquire new and retain existing subscribers to monthly newsletter.
Rose Publishing
Email program development to expand awareness to a new audience and increase online sales.
  AlwaysOn Network
Email copywriting and program development for multiple VC and technology events to highly targeted, professional audience.
  Access Intelligence Dorland Health
Promote events through negotiated partner deals and response-driving campaigns to sell seats and event sponsorships.
AIDS Research Alliance
Brand strategy and key messages.
  Warner Bros. Studio Stores
Drive store traffic and sell merchandise directly to consumers through mail, online, QVC and other channels. Develop multi-channel marketing strategy with proven ROI.
  PetsMart Direct
Sell exclusive and licensed product through multiple channels: email, catalog, online store, retail. Re-branding of specialty product lines. Sponsorship deals with Olympic athletes.
Jupiter Research
Email marketing, sales collateral, e-commerce, PR, lead generation.
GreenLA Coalition
Website development.
  Bon Appetit Magazine
New customer acquisition and subscriber retention programs.

We love to toot our own horn but the work we do says it best.  Here are a few examples where the results speak for themselves:

Publisher Case Study

Problem: Niche publisher wanted to reach a new audience, generate a stronger online presence, and reduce dependence on print promotions.

Solution: Dundas created an email marketing program with informational content and subscriber-exclusive offers, and drove new visitors to the website with AdWord campaigns and content-rich landing pages.

Result: Client’s email database grew tenfold in one year. Email promotions now generate 20% of total company sales.

B-to-B Information Services Case Study

Problem: B-to-B information services company wanted to revitalize its brand, combat erosion in sales and customer retention, and reach a new audience of highly targeted C-level professionals.

Solution: Dundas created a content-rich, value-added e-newsletter to attract new customers and elevate the brand promise. Product lines were re-positioned with focused, benefit-driven copy, and the e-commerce site was re-designed to improve the user experience.

Result: Lead conversion generated from the e-newsletter exceeded 30%. For the first time, marketing was able to create a pipeline of qualified leads and prospects which supported inside sales efforts to launch new products and services successfully.

Retailer Case Study

Problem: Retail brand wanted to increase sales and lifetime value of bricks-and-mortar customers through channel-driven product offerings and targeted segmentation of their customer transaction files.

Solution: Dundas led the development of a division-wide marketing database to support a multi-channel sales strategy, seasonal campaigns and channel-exclusive product offerings.

Result: Sales at retail increased $250,000 through highly-targeted campaigns based on purchase behavior, proximity to store, seasonal offerings, and demographic characteristics. Demonstrated increase in customer lifetime value of customer through multi-channel marketing strategy. Successful introduction of product sold exclusively through catalog and online channels.

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