Dundas Direct creates great marketing campaigns and websites that sell. Overall, we specialize in creating customer-focused, goals-driven marketing solutions. Whether you need us to develop a marketing plan, strengthen your current programs, generate new leads, or be your outsourced marketing department, we have the flexibility to provide your organization with the services you need. We built our reputation developing marketing solutions for clients of all sizes and all budgets in a range of industries, both business to business and consumer.

What We Do

Develop strategies that have impact: We know that your customers have choices, so we look at your business from their perspective. We evaluate the marketplace, the audiences you serve and your unique value proposition – the differentiating traits that help you stand out and appeal to customers. We help you align your brand positioning with messaging that resonates with your target audience and deliver it through multiple channels that can include email, web, social media, newsletters and video.

Penetrate your market: We evaluate the potential for attracting new customers and engaging your audience through targeted campaigns. This process includes laying a foundation for successful campaigns such as optimizing your website and creating powerful landing pages. We develop a prospecting strategy that is based upon your goals, and your history.

Build relationships one customer at a time: We aim to ensure that you are engaging with customers in a way that elevates your brand and increases both mind share and wallet share. We craft emails, newsletters, online experiences and offers that keep your message engaging and focused on the value your company deserves to be known for. We help you develop programs that provide value to your customers and keep them coming back.

Focus on action, relevancy and results: Lifetime value. Acquisition Cost Per Customer. Conversion. ROI. We believe in solutions that build your business, and add accountability measures into everything we do. We track progress against goals, key performance indicators, and evaluate the return on your marketing investment. We test alternate channels, audience, creative, and refine your programs to keep them fresh and relevant.

Create websites that sell: Whether you want a fresh look for your website or a cohesive end-to-end web marketing effort, we stand ready to meet your needs. We build web pages designed to capture your customers’ attention, communicate your value and compel your target audience to take action.

Complement your in-house talent: We help fill in the gaps where you need it most so that your team can focus on what they do best. Whether you need an outsourced marketing department or the tools to manage your programs in-house, we provide intelligent solutions to solve your marketing problems and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

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